New Products

Bath Cap / Swimming Cap – Colour Black – Size Unisex – 6 Pieces per Package

Perfect for Swimming Pool and Spa or other
Spontaneous Occasions -

Nuit Tranquille Fitted, Disposable, Semi-Waterproof Mattress Protectors - Numerous sizes available - 25 pieces

Save five percent on orders of two packages or more

Reduced noise and excellent spill prevention all in one! A wide range of sizes is available, from child's cot, mobile home and single to extra large ("Californian") King.

Vylex semi-permanent washable flat sheet

Vylex semi- permanent fitted sheet
Single fitted sheet -160cm x 230 cm

Vylex Pillow case - semi durable textile

discount for buying more than 10 pieces
Oxford and European sizes. white colour.
Save time and money: Ironing is twice as quick and you can put twice as much in your washing machine.

Vylex semi-permanent fitted sheets | bedlinen for faster washing and ironing

Single fitted sheet, 90 cm wide, for beds measuring 190 cm to 200 cm

You can wash twice as many sheets in one wash and iron twice as quickly

Washable, impenetrable mattress protector, the WET PROTECT Mattress Cover : Spongy cotton and polyester fibres with a polyurethane liner, individually sold

A brand new, washable and 100% impenetrable mattress protector with a breathable feel is the most sophisticated mattress protection system available on the market.

Storage case for spare hotel pillows – 10 piece

-40% discount until 17 feb 2015
Storage case for extra pillow  lot of 10 pieces

LUNE slippers in honeycomb or terry towelling -25 pairs

-55% discount
LUNE- the hotel or luxury apartment slipper offers comfort and a softness to the feet.

Special "Happy Holidays" End of the Year Slippers - STANDARD - Welcome Gift - 20 pairs

A Christmas and New Year special.

Disposable Cocoon slipper- Home - Welcome product - 25 pairs

-30 discount

Try out a new slipper design that includes a colorful border around the edge, which won't break the bank.

Flip Flop Playa disposable - pack of 25 pairs

Buy 5 packs (10%) - 10 packs (15%) - 20 packs (20%) of 25 pairs and get a discount

White or black economic flip flop with several sizes.