Work Coat, Tunic, or Smock in white, available in four sizes - 30 pieces

30% discount until 17 feb. 2015

Set of 30 disposable and versatile white Work Coats, also known as Work Tunics and Work Smocks depending on the profession, which can be washed and reused at least once.

Disposable Sleeping Bag / Sleep Sack for Babies, available in 6 colours - 6 pieces

-30% until 17. feb 2015

A wonderful, innovative and popular product for parents on the go who want the best quality sleeping arrangement for their children, available in 6 colours.

Disposable, waterproof mattress protection pads - in two sizes - 100 pieces

5% discount until 17 feb 2015

Set of 50 waterproof mattress protection pads, for single (90 cm) and double (140 cm) size beds.

Storage case for spare hotel pillows – 10 piece

-40% discount until 17 feb 2015
Storage case for extra pillow  lot of 10 pieces