Disposable Cocoon slipper- Home - Welcome product - 25 pairs

-30 discount

Try out a new slipper design that includes a colorful border around the edge, which won't break the bank.

Disposable Chocolate Luxury Slippers for Hotels, Spas, Salons and Pools – available in 2 adult’s sizes – 25 pairs

40% discount

25 pairs of disposable, luxurious chocolate slippers for bedroom and bath use. Two sizes and styles available, for both women and men, made with a comfortable foam insole that makes it easy to walk around in these slippers.

LUNE slippers in honeycomb or terry towelling -25 pairs

-55% discount
LUNE- the hotel or luxury apartment slipper offers comfort and a softness to the feet.

Work Coat, Tunic, or Smock in white, available in four sizes - 30 pieces

30% discount

Set of 30 disposable and versatile white Work Coats, also known as Work Tunics and Work Smocks depending on the profession, which can be washed and reused at least once.