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Lost in Translation of Mattress Size

Find your bed size thanks to Wikipedia (copyright)
Standard sizes

Modern manufacturing conventions have resulted in a limited number of standard sizes of commercial bedding for mattresses and box springs. They vary by country of origin.

 Mattress size (width × length)

N. America


 UK / Ireland

 Europe / Latin America

 Twin / Single

39 × 75 in
33" × 6’3″
99 × 191 cm

 36 × 75 in
3’ × 6’3″
91 × 191 cm 

35 × 79 in
~2’11.43″ × ~6’6.74″
90 × 200 cm

 Double / Full

 54 × 75 in
4’6″ × 6’3″
137 × 191 cm  

 55 × 79 in
~4ft 7.12in × ~6’6.74″
140 × 200 cm

 (US/Aus) Queen
(UK/Ire) King

 60 × 80 in
5’ × 6’8″
152 × 203 cm 

 60 × 78 in
5’ × 6’6″
152 × 198 cm

63 × 79 in
5’3″ × ~6’6.74″
160 × 200 cm

 (US/Aus) King
(UK/Ire) Super King

 76 × 80 in
6’4″ × 6’8″
193 × 203 cm

 72 × 80 in
6’ × 6’8″
183 × 203 cm

 72 × 78 in
6’ × 6’6″
183 × 198 cm

 71 × 79 in
~5’11″ × ~6’6.74″
180 × 200 cm

The sizes in the UK and Ireland, other than the Double, vary compared to the U.S. sizes, being generally smaller. The U.S. Queen corresponds to UK King and King to Super King. The European or continental basic sizes are similar to the UK but have a set length of 2 metres. The denominations Queen, King and Super King are not used in continental Europe, and Double refers to 140 cm or any higher width. Instead of these US/UK denominations, the bed width is given in centimetres.

These dimensions are for the mattress—the actual bed frame will be a little bigger in order to fully encompass and support the mattress. The thickness of the mattress may vary considerably.

Other U.S. sizes

Twin Extra Long 
39 × 80 in (0.99 × 2.03 m)
This size is popular in college dormitories.
Three Quarter 
48 × 75 in (1.22 × 1.90 m) often (47-48) X 72 in. sizing varies.
This size is considered obsolete by the major manufacturers.
Super Single 
48 × 84 in (1.22 × 2.13 m)
Full Extra Long 
54 x 80 in
Olympic Queen 
66 × 80 in (1.68 × 2.03 m) a novelty size by Simmons
California Queen 
60 × 84 in (1.52 × 2.13 m)
Eastern King 
76 x 80 in (1.93 x 2.03 m)
An alternate name for a U.S. King.
California King 
72 × 84 in (1.83 × 2.13 m)
A common size on the West Coast of the United States also called a Western King, West Coast King, Cal King, or WC King.

Other UK sizes

Small Single 
30 × 75 in (76.2 × 190.5 cm)
Super Single 
42 × 75 in (106.68 × 190.5 cm)
Small Double / Three Quarter 
48 × 78 in (121.92 × 198.12 cm)
1.50 x 2m (60 x 79 inches - equal to two small single mattresses)
1.80 x 2m (71 x 79 inches - equal to two single mattresses)

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Product FAQ:


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Does disposable save money?

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Does disposable look professional?

Don't forget that image means a lot when it comes to clients. Always clean and hypoallergenic, disposable linens and clothing give an impression of impeccable hygiene. With disposable bedding, all your sheets are new and spotless from their first moment of use. Disposable makes your team more flexible and ready to respond to rapid increases in activity without worry. It's a form of thinking ahead.

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Product Information


Nonwoven? What is it and where does it come from?

Non-woven is a type of fabric. The fabric is called nonwoven because there is no weaving individual threads or fibres together as in coventional textile manufacture. In fact, there is no weaving of fibres involved in the manufacturing process, becuase the cloth is assembled using high pressure spray compaction. They are then bound together via a combination of friction, cohesion and/or adhesive, depending on the product's intended use. Nonwoven fabrics may be made of any raw material, including cellulose (paper) fibres (including numerous products we manufacture), synthetic materials (such as polypropylene), cotton and other organic sources.

How long will a disposable product last?

This answer ranges in function of the product type, the durability of its material, its intended use and the hygiene standards of its user. Some disposable products, such as gloves, sanitary wipes, wash cloths and hygenic underwear are only meant to be used or worn once to a few times. Some other products such as the disposable duvet, the sleeping bag and the mattress protection covers can last several months. Most disposable products are not intended to be washed or cleaned for reuse. Instead, they can be thrown away, although we recommend recycling them to minimise environmental impact.

Waterproof and/or flame-resistant?

Some of our products are waterproof, such as certain mattress protectors and work uniforms. These products have a plasticised, laminated layer in addition to a non-woven, absorbent surface. This innovative combination allows for the absorption of moisture and spills but prevents such liquids from spreading to the wearer's clothing.

Most of our products are flammable, with the exception of the covers and comforters that have been specially treated with a fire-retardant chemical. If you are interested in customising a product so that it resists flame and heat exposure, please contact us for more information and a free quote. As a manufacturer, we are able to respond to your specifications of this sort.
Contact us at info@caractere-paris.com

Will the product rip or tear?

Our disposable products are made of high quality materials and solid enough to meet the needs of every customer and potential use. For example, we sell thousands of disposable towels and sheets on a daily basis without complaints. Over almost twenty years of experience, we have never had any product pose a problem or risk to the user. You can also pull on two ends of our products without it tearing or ripping. Of course if you pull with all your strength or in a manner that would never occur during normal use of the product, it may perhaps rip, just like fabrics made of conventional textile materials.

Allergies and allergy prevention?

Our products are designed to prevent the aggrivation of allergy problems because they are made with allergy-neutral materials. In fact, they are recommended for those with conventional cloth allergy problems. The fact of having always new and fresh products means more secure protection against dust mites, lice, germs, viruses, skin infections and other disease possibilities. The products have also never been washed in corrosive, harsh chemical powders or liquids, a common source of allergy problems for those allergic to these chemicals or the fragrances they include in their formulas. The majority of our products are also individually wrapped, as specified on our website under the product descriptions, which reduces the risk of allergies to dust and other problems that arise from linens that have been sitting for a while.

This information is also available on demand when you contact us.

Disposable is often rather ugly, isn't it?

Au contraire, most of our disposable products are far from ugly. That is why they are so popular with luxury hotels and resorts with discerning clients. We also manufacture a line of specialty "luxury" designs that include custom touches like logo embroidery, finer fabrics, additional colour options, smart designs and some reusable products (such as the microfibre towels) that look and feel every bit like what one would expect in a luxury establishment. If you weren't paying attention, you might have even seen our products in the last luxury resort you stayed - many of the major 4-5 star hotels around Europe already use our products. The appropriateness of our products depends on where you would like to use them and in what settings. Are health, safety, hygiene, comfort and cleanliness important to you? If so, it's worth considering disposable products.

What effect does disposable have on the environment?

We manufacture many of our products out of recovered post-consumer plastic. This sort of waste management process allows us to grind, shred and melt the recycled plastic. With the molten plastic, we form tiny beads of polyester that can be assembled for the manufacture of products such as the disposable duvet and disposable pillow. Please note that all of our products are also recyclable through sorting into the proper disposal containers after use.

Therefore, please do not discard disposable fabric any which way, because it can be reused for the fabrication of other products and have many life cycles. On top of the recycling capability, disposable is much more environmentally friendly than conventional cloths that require the use of harsh liquid detergents, fabric softeners and other chemicals that pollute our waterways. By avoiding the need to dry linens, you can save money and electricity at the same time. Plus, some of our products are manufactured in the EU, which means less transport emissions and the preservation of jobs in Europe.



How to Order


How does one place an order?

We offer three methods:

- By internet on our website, available 24/7 at http://www.caractere-paris.com and http://disposable-linen.co.uk/

- By phone or fax, for the UK at 020 7193 0887 (phone) and (+33) 01 48 94 36 24 (fax)

- By post with a printed or written description of your order request and your method of payment, sent to: Caractère Paris
3 rue Montgolfier
93116 Rosny sous Bois, France

If you include a phone number or email address, we will confirm receipt of your order by email or phone.

The ordering process consists of four (4) steps. Once your selection is made and your cart validated by clicking "order," you must:

- Choose the appropriate shipping method and time, an important step because we offer several carriers and options,

- Click on the secure payment button and accept the order terms and conditions

- You are then redirected to our secure payment provider, Globe Charge

- Finally; choose your method of payment and enter the payment information.

Once your payment method is selected, you must pay for the order, which will formalize a contract of sale between Caractère and you.

GLS for "Pros" only? What does GLS mean?

You can choose GLS if you want to have your package delivered to a business or other establishment that is only open during normal business hours. GLS is faster than regular mail and generally more reliable. On the other hand, the deliverymen will only drop off the product(s) to a real person who must sign and bear responsibility for its receipt.

If you have trouble being present in your office to wait for the delivery and/or if there is no one there to receive your package, we recommend that you try the normal Post because if the item is not delivered to your door, at least your package will be available when you are ready to seek it at the nearest Post Office location.

Question about Delivery:

"Hello, I filled my shopping cart and was prepared to place an orde, but I hesitate on the choice of mode of delivery because I've had problems in the past with a Colissimo order that was lost during transit. Is GLS only reserved for enterprises? What do you recommend"?


If you have had problems in the past with Colissimo, please try GLS. They deliver within 24 hours and are often less expensive. Many clients have had problems with the Post Office, which itself behaves like a monopoly. The only advantage of the Post is if you think there will be no one there to receive the package, it will be waiting at the post office nearest you. GLS delivers more often to professionals and companies because they are willing to try to find someone in the office to sign for the package. If you plan to be on location the day of deliver (with GLS, this usually occurs in the morning); or if you have a business address set aside for deliveries, GLS clearly seems the best choice.

Questions about Error Messages:

If you have received the following error messages, please respond accordingly.

"The following fields must be filled: delivery." In this case, you must select a shipping method from the dropdown menu, such as GLS or Colissimo.

"You can not claim exemption from VAT." If your delivery location is in France, we are not allowed to exempt you from the VAT (TVA in French). It's the law. The exemption only applies if you are abroad.

"We cannot complete your order because it cannot be validated." This often arises if you choose two different countries for shipping and billing. Our payment system's anti fraud software has built in protection against suspicious orders, of which these are often classified. Please contact us with your order information at info@caractere-paris.com

Question about Delivery Times:

"How soon will my order be delivered"?


Our normal office hours are from 8 am until 6 pm (18:00), Monday to Friday, and we expedite parcels on a daily basis. You should receive your order within a 48 to 72 hour period after ordering, however we are not responsible for postal delays (using the colissimo service) due to inclement weather or staff strikes. Please make arrangements to order in advance, which will help you avoid shortages of essential products.

Questions about Payment:

"Which payment methods are possible"?


We accept credit and banque cards, Paypal, personal and business Cheques, Money Orders and official bank wire transfers, which are especially convenient for municipal administrative offices and communities.

"Is it safe to order and pay online? Will any of my information be shared or exposed"?

Payments are secure and we guarantee the timely shipment of all goods for which payment has been made. By check, the shipment is delayed until the reception of the check, except in the case of a delivery address that differs from the name or address on the cheque. In this case, we are forced to wait for the clearance of the cheque (which can take up to 15 days, depending on your bank) before shipping the merchandise. We apologise in advance for any delay this may cause, but it is an essential measure of fraud prevention. For Paypal and credit card payments, the order begins to be processed from the moment payment is made. It is for this reason that Paypal and card payments are the most rapid payment methods.

"Can I get a detailed invoice with the VAT apparent"?

All our products are shipped with an itemized bill, which includes the per unit rate and the amount of the VAT if it applies. We also include our RC and VAT numbers as required by law.

"Can I find your products elsewhere, in a store or on the internet"?

No, we sell exclusively through our set of websites. If you live in or near the Paris metropolitan area, you are welcome to come to our warehouse to pick up the merchandise you have ordered by giving us at least 24 hour advance notice. For the moment, we have no physical shop or store, so you must visit our shipping centre if this option appeals to you. Please contact us for more information at info@caractere-paris.com