Payment Security

Caractere offers 4 methods of payment : by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard), bank account transfer, bank cheque or PayPal.

GlobeCharge guarantees the security of your payments. Caractere chose GlobeCharge for payment securisation by encrypting the connection when transmitting information to and from our servers. When you see the payment sign, you will know that your payment is secure. Please note that if the security department suspects a fraudulent payment method, we reserve the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons.

When paying by credit card, your account will be billed when your order is sent on condition that we have received pre-authorisation from your account. If sufficient funds are not available, your order will not be shipped.

For online payment made by credit card, the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) security system is used, which allows for encrypting your banking information when on the network.

Bank transfer: Your payment will be processed when your bank transfer is received. Once your payment is received, we will dispatch your goods. Due to bank hours and the possibility of holidays, the processing of off-line payments may take several days.

Cheques to CARACTERE should be sent to:

CARACTERE 2 rue Léon Mauvais 93600 Aulnay sous bois France