Disposable Sleeping Bag / Sleep Sack for Babies, available in 6 colours - 6 pieces

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A wonderful, innovative and popular product for parents on the go who want the best quality sleeping arrangement for their children, available in 6 colours.

Presented in an individually sealed bag, this disposable baby sleeping bag / sleep sack is a perfect solution for your housekeepers for the management and organisation of the bed linens. The disposable sleeping bag ensures the security and hygiene of babies and young children at your establishment.

Provided with a sheet, it will of course allow your cleaners to save time and money because they won't need to deal with the remains of messy children.

Once the parents arrive, you can leave the kit on the baby's bed, and let the parents tuck their baby in the sleeping bag with the enclosed sheet.

This solution ends your worries about cleaning, ironing and looking out for baby sheets! Our baby sleeping bag will provide you security and hygiene, which will be much appreciated by the parents. The product's lifespan is anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the baby's cleanliness and the parents' preferences.

It closes thanks to a Velcro seal sewn on shoulders, instead of buttons like other products which could cause a choking hazard. There is also a zip fastener on the side to avoid causing injuries to the baby's neck.

Finally, like our bathrobe, it's a pleasant and luxurious amenity to offer to the parents the ensures their fidelity to your establishment.

The product size is adjustable with the shoulder straps, and the sides come equipped with small knots of cloth. The knots are available in six colours: Blue, Light Blue, Golden Yellow, Light Yellow, Salmon and Light Green.

Convenient and comfortable, this sleeping bag is hypo-allergenic and is presented in individual sealed bag

Size: Easily fits children from 2 to 18 months old.

Closes: Velcro

Colour: White

Knot colours: Blue, Light Blue, Golden Yellow, Light Yellow, Salmon and Light Green.

Quantity: 6 individually wrapped sacks.

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