Disposable men's G-string/Thong underwear, ideal for salons, tanning centres, massages, doctors offices -100 pieces

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100 sets of Disposable female G-String undergarments, black in colour, in an easy to dispense box.

Excellent quality black disposable men's G-String/Thong style underwear with many uses, perfect for kinesitherapists, urologists, gynaecologists, massages, Ayurvedic or abyangha massage centres, physical therapists, fitting rooms, salons, tanning beds, electrolysis and waxing beauticians.

These underwear provide the client privacy and modesty while allowing therapists to carry out their treatments easily and in comfort, protecting the hygiene of both parties and the cleanliness of your establishment.

No more problems cleaning stains or washing used undergarments - this is a time and cost friendly solution to your clients' needs, which always comes new and hypoallergenic.

Once used, you can throw them away or recycle them (product is 100% recyclable).

In the case of beauty treatments, spray-on tans, waxes and other chemical product uses, the underwear prevent costly damage to the clients' own undergarments, guaranteeing their satisfaction and preventing damage to the salon's reputation.

They're also great for fitting rooms, especially in stores that sell undergarments and bathing suits that need to avoid cross-infection.

The disposable G-String/Thong is made of polypropylene, with a pico trimmed waist.

The undergarment can also be worn during work outs and in the locker room or the salon lobby, on the way to or from treatments and changing areas.

The thongs are small enough to be cleverly tucked into a pocket, backpack or gym bag for unexpected overnight stays.

Quantity: 100 individually wrapped G-String/Thong undergarments.

Colour: black

Size: One size fits all