Disposable, waterproof mattress protection pads - in two sizes - 100 pieces

Set of 100 waterproof mattress protection pads, for single (90 cm) and double (140 cm) size beds.

Economic mattress protection, ideal for hotels, motels, hostels, inns, B&Bs, day care centes or unexpected visits from friends. Made from our new, hypo-allergenic material, both soft and durable, which helps protect against the spread of lice, bedbugs, bacteria and dust mites, they are individually packed and after use can be thrown away or recycled.
The plastic film is melded to the fabric to help protect against spills and stains by creating a waterproof layer.

If you don’t need waterproof coverage, we also offer non-waterproof fitted sheets available in the same dimensions and sizes; or, for superior quality and protection, please see the Disposable Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protection Covers.

Colour: White
Quantity: 100 individually packaged.

Sizes available (choose from box on right hand side):
Single, 90 cm x 195 cm x 20 cm
Double, 140 cm x 195 cm x 20 cm /

For larger bed sizes, please refer to the Nuideal Fitted Disposable, Waterproof Mattress Protection Covers.