Microfibre Towels in 3 sizes: 50 x 90 cm 70 x 140 cm or 100 x 200 cm - pack of 6

Set of six premium quality bath and hotel towels, made from the new generation of super absorbent microfibre, 50 x 90 70 x 140 cm / 28 x 55 in or 140 x 200 cm / 55 x 80 in.

These new microfibre towels are super-absorbent and soft. They absorb water and dry more quickly than cotton, without becoming harsh and scratchy to use.

The special feature of this material is its lower weight and lighter mass than conventional towels, which allows better absorption for a lower price than available in cotton towels.
This means, comparatively, you'll save room when washing and drying these towels because they take up less space in your machines.
Depending on the weight of your older towels, you could save 40% or more space using microfibre towels, saving time and money (no need for fabric softener) and kinder to the environment too.

Shorter washing and drying time means fewer cycles of the washing machine and dryer: an environmentally friendly conversion that will also be friendly to your wallet.
Of course, your clients will be more impressed with the extremely high quality of these premium towels – a touch of luxury that will be greatly appreciated.
Colour: White
Quantity: 6 towels.
Size: 50 x 90 cm - 70 x 140 cm / 28 x 55 in or 100 x 200 cm / 50 x 80 in.