Disposable Bath and Salon Trial Kit

Disposable Bath and Salon Trial Kit

Discover our luxurious honeycomb-fibre bathrobes, stylish slippers and disposable towels with the all-in-one Bath and Salon Trial Kit.

A selection of some of the finest products we have to offer, our Bath and Salon Trial Kit is a perfect way to discover guaranteed hygiene for your clients every time, whether in the bathroom, around the pool or relaxing before and after salon treatments.

 This set includes:
• 1 White Disposable Bathrobe, one size fits all, in our famous Absorbtex material.
• 1 Pair of our Disposable White Slippers with anti-slip soles
• 1 Premium, Medium-sized Bath Towel, 80 x 100 cm (32 x 40 inches)
• 1 Premium, Small Bath Towel, 80 x 50 cm (32 x 20 inches)

Information about the products :

The single use bathrobe is one of our best-selling products.
Made of Absorbtex, a soft and highly absorbent material, with a wattle/honeycomb finish like traditional cloth robes, it is comfortable and warm to wear and adds a touch of elegance to your hotel or salon.
Designed to be worn for up to two weeks, after use it can be recycled or simply thrown away.
No need to worry about laundry costs or robes disappearing with your guests! The bathrobe comes with a belt and has two pockets.
Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, pools and treatment areas, they make ideal gifts for family and friends too.
Material: Absorbtex ®, non-woven, 100% recyclable.
Quality: Extremely high, will absorb up to 500 times its own weight in water.
Colour: White
Size: One size fits all.

Disposable white slippers with a luxurious feel, for bedroom and bathroom use.
Pamper your guests with these specially-made slippers.
You will improve your image with a touch of luxury, while still keeping costs down.
These deluxe slippers are made of a soft, absorbent fabric that’s comfortable to wear, and the non-slip sole makes them ideal for the bathroom, the locker room and beside the pool.
One size fits all, up to 8 (UK size) / 42 (EUR size)

Disposable Bath Towel, 80 x 100 cm
Disposable White Bath Towels measuring 80 x 100 cm (32 x 40 inches)
This wonderful disposable towel is both light and very absorbent.
It is of high enough quality to dry the entire body and not feel soaked.
Individually wrapped, your client will know that this towel is destined EXCLUSIVELY for him or her with hygiene guaranteed. It is generously-sized and resistant to wear, meaning it will not rip or tear even after use.
Colour: White Size : 80 x 100cm (32 x 40 inches)
Finish: Waffle/Honeycomb pattern.

Disposable Small Bath Towel, 80 x 50 cm
White Disposable, Small Bath Towels, measuring 80 x 50 cm (32 x 20 inches)