Extra One-Piece Stretchy Swimsuits, Bathing Suits, Swimwear for women - with Bra Support and "Scoop" Back cut style - 6 pieces

Extra One-Piece Stretchy Swimsuits, Bathing Suits, Swimwear for women - with Bra Support and "Scoop" Back cut style - 6 pieces

Best seller! Sets of 6 stylish and inexpensive, emergency one-piece bathing suits for women who forget to bring swimwear with them. Perfect for hotels, resorts, camp sites and municipal pools

Staff at hotels, resorts, spas, and camp sites equipped with pools and fitness rooms are frequently asked the same question by their guests: "I’ve forgotten my swimsuit - do you have one for emergencies?"

Usually only the finest hotels come equipped with spare costumes, but thanks to Caractère Paris you and your establishment can be ready for this kind of request!

These stylish new swimsuits are the perfect solution! Made of high quality, soft, stretchy polyester with Spandex (elastane), they will tolerate the most athletic swimmers in the most chlorinated pools or saltiest seawater.
This scoop-back design in fashionable black means your guests are sure to compliment you on your choice of attractive, comfortable and practical swimwear.

Lined with a comfortable, protective layer of soft white mesh fabric in the crotch area and inside the supported cups, the bust size generally corresponds to the size of the suit: A-B for Small, C-D for Medium, etc., but the cut is generous enough to allow a wide range of users to feel comfortable.
The padded bra section offers complete discretion even when wet, and the elastic waist area ensures that these swimsuits will flatter your guests with a lovely silhouette.

This classic style is perfect to give or sell to customers of resorts, spas and public pools with regulations or dress codes that do not permit the use of other, more risqué or loose cut swimwear.
At about £6 each, you can resell these snazzy suits for twice or three times as much and make a tidy profit!
They can be used again and again, so your clients will be happy to buy them, and even happier to receive them for free!

These costumes look and feel like any other type of swimwear, at a lower price than ever before.

Composition: 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex elastane, with intermeshed fibres for a comfortable fit.
Colour: Black.
Design: Scoop-cut back, with discreet padding and extra breast support, and a comfortable white lining in the bra and crotch area.

Quantity: Sold in sets of 6 of the same size, for one low price.
We can also supply large orders. Please contact us directly by phone on 020 3608 1542, or by email at info@disposable-linen.co.uk