Luxury Disposable Bathrobe with Collar - 5 per pack

Luxury Disposable Bathrobe with Collar - 10 per pack

Set of 5 soft, comfortable and absorbent disposable bathrobes, ideal for pools, saunas, spas, resorts and hotels, now available with a luxurious and stylish collar.

Pamper your guests with this touch of luxury!
Our disposable bathrobe is made of Absorbtex, a highly absorbent non- woven fabric, to keep them warm and comfortable whether lounging by the pool, walking to and from the locker rooms or relaxing in the bedroom.
Perfect for hotels, spas and saunas, it’s now available to all our customers and includes this version with a stylish, feminine collar for extra absorbency, still at an unbeatable price.
No more expensive laundering with escalating energy prices, or worrying about your bathrobes going missing – now you can afford to give them away as a complimentary gift, especially useful when hosting large seminars or conventions when the image of your hotel matters most.
They also make excellent presents for family and friends.

These luxury disposable bathrobes have a waffle/honeycomb texture, with a belt and two pockets.
They are designed to be worn for up to two weeks (possibly more, depending on the user), and afterwards can be recycled or just thrown away.

Quantity: 5 per pack.
Material: Absorbtex ®, non-woven, 100% recyclable.
Quality: Extremely high, will absorb up to 50 times its own weight in water.
Colour: White
Size: One size fits all, intended for female clients.
Style: Special luxury design modifications with collar.
If you wish to order more than 30 individual bathrobes, please contact us directly for the best price at