Disposable Massage Shorts - 10 pieces

Shorts for clients to wear during massages or spa treatments, made of fine Absorbtex ® material. Soft, absorbent and disposable or recyclable.

These soft and comfortable massage shorts are made of high quality Absorbtex ® material with a honeycomb pattern. They are available in three sizes to choose from: Small, Medium and Large (please note that each size is cut large, so often times a smaller size will fit most visitors).

It is ideal for use in top of the line massage parlours or beauty salons in order to protect the client's discretion, and also his or her clothing in the case of services that stain, such as special water-, oil-, clay- and mud-based treatments.

It is also used to prepare clients who highly esteem their privacy for massages. The spongey Absorbtex ® material means it is near impossible to rip or tear these shorts. They will last an entire day of salon treatments and can be brought home by the client as a gift.

Their difference from traditional fabrics is that these shorts cannot be washed. They can, however, be recycled. The massage shorts also go well accompanied by the massage shirt or massage jacket.

Each pair of shorts comes individually wrapped, ensuring perfect hygiene every time for every client. It comes with an elastic waist to make sure it will fit virtually any body type.

The shorts are cut large and wide to make sure everyone can wear them. They come with a tamper-proof hygiene label that ensures the shorts are new with each use

Quantity: Set of 10 pieces.

Colour: White.

Size: S, M or L.