Adult Large Disposable Panties Underwear - 50 pieces

Extra wide panty-style underwear, cut large, available in sizes M-L, XL and 4XL.

This cover is ideal in cases of incontinence and other problems that tend to affect the elderly.

It can be changed daily with no need to wash it, meaning better sanitation and the avoidance of dangerous chemicals. It is non-woven and durable, however it is not absorbent.

It's perfect if combined with another layer as reinforcement.

The sizes: M-L: 96 cm or waist (38 "), XL: 110 cm or waist (43 "), 4XL: 134 cm waist (52 ") *

The colour ensures total privacy by obscuring the user's private parts.

Presented individually wrapped for better hygiene and distribution.

Set of 50 pieces.

Gender: Suitable for both women and men.

* For information on the size XL boss is 104-108 cm size 5 40 "- 42" And the size 4XL is a waist 128-132 or 50 "- 52"