Mattress Renovator with zip - Fully zippered encasing mattress cover

The Mattress encasement Renovator is a second skin for the mattress, a fully zippered encasement allergen filtration mattress protector.

the mattress encasement Renovator envelops the entire mattress to give it a new life; it can also be used to prevent accidents, keep the mattress looking fresh and protect against bed bugs, dust mites and so on.
Made of very thick, strong, non-woven fabric, the Mattress Renovator has two zips to open and close the sides, which allows a good seal.
The hotel industry makes extensive use of such mattress renovators to protect mattresses effectively and discreetly while assuring the freshness that is required of the hospitality industry.
They are clean, fresh and require less labour to maintain, which can allow a hotel to decrease its workforce.

The Mattress Renovator is available in 11 different sizes.
If you can’t find the size you need, please email us at so that we can give you a quote for a minimum quantity of 200.
Colour: white
Quantity: 1