Vylex Pillow case - semi durable textile

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Oxford and European sizes. white colour.
Save time and money: Ironing is twice as quick and you can put twice as much in your washing machine.

You often have to wash, dry and even iron your pillow case?
You can wash twice the number of pillow cases and iron them twice faster.

Thanks to its department of research and development, CARACTERE is now making pilow case in Vylex microfibre. The fabric is opaque and white and is a combination of Nylon, polyester and viscose.

Less washing + less drying = savings in time and money.
Thanks so its strength and lightness, you can now fill your washing machine with up to 35% more than you can with cotton sheets.

With its special fibre structure, the drying time is reduced by 50% White in colour, it is also opaque.

The product can be washed in temperatures between 20°C and 70°C. Machine drying is possible.

How long does a Vylex pillow case last ?

About nine months to a year if used every day.

How do you wash Vylex pillow case?

Simply in the washing machine with normal washing powder in temperatures varying from 30° to 70°.

Can you disinfect Vylex sheets and pillow cases?

It is quite possible to disinfect Vylex sheets and pillow cases during washing with non-chlorine products. Just like natural fibres, it is absorbent. The pillow case is very stretch resistant