Bath Cap / Swimming Cap – Colour Black – Size Unisex – 6 Pieces per Package

Perfect for Swimming Pool and Spa or other
Spontaneous Occasions -

The bath cap completely protects your hair and offers best wearing comfort allowing a relaxed bathing experience.
The material of the bath cap is very light, it consists of 95% Polyester and 5% of Spandex.

It perfectly suits all hair, short or long. Spandex makes sure the bath cap easily adapts to your head-shape and and gives perfect protection.
The cap is fitted with an elastic strap which seals and provides a non-slip grip.

Very easy to put on and off and a pleasure to wear.

Our bath caps offer ideal hygienic protection against any pathogens or bacteria.

Product: Bath Cap / Swimming Cap
Per Package: 6 pieces
Product Colour: Black
Recyclable: Yes
Product Characteristics: Disposable product, permeable to water