Soft Disposable Bathrobe – pack of 5

Set of 5 smooth yet durable, comfortable and absorbent disposable bathrobes, ideal for pools, saunas, spas, resorts and hotels, available to fit both men and women.

2 Size L/XL and 2 XL

Our bestselling single use bathrobe is now available to all our customers, and at an unbeatable price! Highly absorbent, soft and warm, it keeps the wearer warm and dry whether lounging by the pool, walking to and from the locker room or just relaxing in the bedroom.
Made with Absorbtex for maximum effectiveness, with a honeycomb wattle finish like traditional cloth bathrobes, our robes add a touch of elegance to your hotel, sauna or spa at a fraction of the price of the classic version, and without the expensive laundering and energy costs.
No more anxiety about guests taking your robes home with them – you can afford to give them away!
Ideal at any time, they are perfect for large seminars and conventions when the image your hotel presents is a priority. They also make excellent gifts for your family and friends.

Our disposable bathrobe is designed to be worn for up to two weeks (possibly longer, depending on the user). It comes with a belt and two pockets.
Quantity: 5 per pack.
Material: Absorbtex ®, non-woven, 100% recyclable.
Quality: Extremely high, will absorb up to 50 times its own weight in water.
Colour: White
Size: 2 size L/XL and 2 XL
If you wish to order more than 30 individual bathrobes, please contact us directly: for the best price.