Disposable Wash Mitt - Set of 50

Disposable Wash Mitt - Set of 50

Set of 50 pieces of our popular disposable wash mitts, with two design and packaging options.

Non-woven, highly absorbent, soft yet durable and resistant to wear, these innovative, disposable wash mitts do not rip or tear, even when wet and covered in cleaning products.
Instead of the paper-like feel of other disposable mitts, our unique Absorbtex ® finish gives these mitts an extreme level of comfort while guaranteeing total hand and wrist protection.

As an improvement to our range, we now offer two design and packaging options. The gloves come either packaged individually with a high-quality border, which ensures their hygiene (most common for hotels and luxury establishments) or in sets of 10 without the border (the more cost effective option, for inns, motels and camp sites).

Two options:
• Packed in sets of 10 without edging (most economical)
• Individually wrapped with white edge finish, with the honeycomb-style material.

Size: 16cm x 21cm (6.5 x 8 inches). Other sizes are available - please contact us directly by phone or email for customised order inquiries, at info@disposable-linen.co.uk

Colour: White