Trial package of four Premium, Disposable, Absorbent Bathrobes

Trial package of four Premium, Disposable, Absorbent Bathrobes

Set of four of our famous soft, long-lasting, disposable bathrobes. They look and feel like the traditional fabric equivalent – ideal for pools, saunas, spas, resorts and hotels.

This single use bathrobe, a bestseller to hotels and resorts, is now available to all our customers at an unbeatable price.
It absorbs water incredibly well, keeping your guests warm and dry while walking to and from the lobby or locker rooms, lounging out by the pool or simply relaxing in the bedroom. These premium items also make an excellent gift for family and friends.
Made of Absorbtex, a soft and highly absorbent material with a waffle/honeycomb finish like traditional fabric bathrobes, the disposable robes add a touch of class to your establishment. They are ideal when hosting large seminars or conventions, when the image you present is especially important.
Our bathrobes come with a belt and two pockets.
They are designed to be used for up to two weeks (possibly longer, depending on the wearer), and can then be recycled or thrown away, avoiding the high costs and maintenance of laundering conventional bathrobes.

No more worries about guests taking away your robes - at this price, they become a gift that keeps your clients coming back!
Discover how convenient and useful these special premium bathrobes can be: order our trial package today!

This set includes:
• 2 premium white bathrobes for men
• 2 premium white bathrobes for women

Material: Absorbtex ®, non-woven, 100% recyclable.
Quality: Extremely high, will absorb up to 500 times its own weight in water.
Colour: White