Bed Linen Essentials set, available in four bed sizes – packs of five

Five sets of these essential disposable sheets, available for mobile home, single, double or king-sized beds.

Made of a new, soft and durable hypo-allergenic material, these sheets effectively prevent the spread of dust mites, lice, bedbugs and bacteria in mattresses.
They are ideal for hotels, motels, hostels, inns, B&Bs, mobile homes, day care centres and unexpected visits from friends, and come individually wrapped.
They are not designed to be laundered but instead are 100% recyclable, so you can help save the environment; and as they are economic to replace after one or two weeks you can cut overheads by limiting your consumption of water, energy and costly labour. Easy to use, ecologically friendly – what could be better?
• 5 disposable fitted sheets
• 5 disposable flat sheets
• For single beds, this set includes 5 regular pillow cases. For double or king sized beds, the set comes with 10 Oxford sized pillow cases.
Colour: White
Quantity: Pack of five, each set individually packed.
Sizes: Mobile Home, Single, Double and King