Sleeping Bags - 10 pieces

Disposable Sleeping Bags - 10 pieces

A set of 10 comfortable, disposable Sleeping Bags, 100 cm x 200 cm.
They fit a duvet sleeping bag.

Sleeping bags for travelling, camping and homeless or disaster relief centres

A set of 10 comfortable, warm, disposable Sleeping Bags, 100 cm x 200 cm.

This innovative disposable sleeping bag is made from a new, hardwearing, non-woven fabric and fits inside an ordinary sleeping bag to keep it clean.

Measuring 2 m (6½ feet) long and 1m (3¼ feet) wide, a standard size for both children and adults, they are made without a zip and are ideal for a weekend or a week away.
They can then be thrown away or recycled.

These sleeping bags are commonly used for camping, mobile homes and road trips, but also by homeless centres and disaster relief organisations in times of crisis.
Each sleeping bag comes individually packed for easy storage, rapid distribution and hygiene purposes.

Colour: White
Quantity: 10, individually wrapped
Net weight: 100g

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