Disposable pillow GRAND CONFORT pack of 5 pieces.

A set of 5 comfortable and hygienic disposable pillows, with a filling made from 100% premium filling fibers.

Premium pillow containing 450 g of pure 3D polyester fibers. Slipping on is great thanks to the softness and comfort of the fibers.

Filling fibers never get lumpy and keep the pillow with a flawless appearance, inside and out.
To keep your pillow as new and bug free, we also propose a full range of pillow protector and pillow renovator

A pillow stays fresh and clean for months under normal operations.

Package contains: 5 Pillows of Grand Comfort.
Dimension: 60 x 60 cm or 50 x 75 cm
Weight: 500 gr
Filling: 100% original polyester super soft 3D
100% white PP Cover.

Our pillow meets International and European norms: ISO 129521 of December 2010 about non ignition. (Standard test method for assessing the ignition propensity of cigarettes).

They can use in any institutions (except prisons, psychiatric hospitals).

For larger quantities and shape and filling weight, please feel free to contact us to UK phone number +44 20 3608 1542 or email info@caractere-paris.com