Payment Security

Our payment provider, Global Charge ensures your payment method and private information will remain secure and protected. When you enter your personal data, it is encrypted through the use of powerful algorithms that make it impossible to interpret or steal by hackers.

If you prefer to not disclose such information via internet, you can also call us at 020 7193 0887 (UK) or (33) 01 4 89 01 83 (France) to provide your method of payment information. In this case, your sensitive information will never be transferred over the Internet as we manually enter the information into Global Charge, the same way a cashier would do in normal store. Just like in a store, you will receive a receipt that looks identical to those from physical stores.

You can also send us a check, but be advised that if the delivery address is different from the billing or cheque address, we reserve the right to either refuse the check, wait for a clearance period (of up to 15 days) before we send the goods or request further information from you.

You can also make a wire transfer, as is common for public administrations and government agencies. Please contact us for more information on how this process works. It is currently possible for administrations in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and the UK. Other markets are in development, please contact us for the latest information.