Time, money, aesthetics and ecology - the advantages of disposable products are numerous.

Does disposable save you time?

Disposable clothing, linens and other items dramatically decreases time consuming chores. No more time or money wasted on expensive washing, bleaching, drying or ironing procedures. You can also say goodbye to multiple washings of the same load because some items remain unwashed. Our linens, drapes and clothing always come new, hygenic, clean, relatively cheap and available for immediate use.

Does disposable save money?

We sell products that cost roughly the same amount or even less than the cost of washing similar, traditional meterials. When one includes the other products and materials that must be bought for the washing procedure, such as machine costs, fabric softener, water and electricity. You do not need to worry about saving money by purchasing of disposable cloth.

To control your budget, you must know your various expenses and when they have to be paid. Disposable products can help you control your budget because they become a regular, mesurable cost. You no longer have to fear staff falling sick or absent, unable to wash the liens. Disposable is always available and ready, at a lower cost than most reusable products when one factors in their care and cleaning.

Does disposable look professional?

Don't forget that image means a lot when it comes to clients. Always clean and hypoallergenic, disposable linens and clothing give an impression of impeccable hygiene. With disposable bedding, all your sheets are new and spotless from their first moment of use. Disposable makes your team more flexible and ready to respond to rapid increases in activity without worry. It's a form of thinking ahead.

What about the environment and disposable?

We try to manufacture as many of our products as possible using plastic recovered from post-consumer uses. This sort of recycling allows us to grind, shred and melt recycled plastic waste. The small polyester fibres that result are used in the manufacture of products such as disposable duvet cover and disposable pillow cover. Thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques, the end result is just as soft as traditional fabrics. What's more, all of our products are either biodegradable or recyclable where possible.

Do not discard disposable products wherever you can - they can be reused for the manufacture of more such products in the future. Increasingly respected by environmentalists, disposable products have become more friendly to the planet than many harsh liquid detergents and other chemicals used in washing procedures.