Disposable White Bath Towels, Package of 100 pieces

Disposable White Bath Towels, Package of 100 pieces

A tray of 100 disposable white bath towels, 45 x 78 cm (18 x 31 in) for the hygenic drying of patients and clients.

Grand Prize winner in the hygiene category at the World Beauty and Haircare Conference in Paris.

Extra absorbent and disposable, these towels are already used by many hair salons.

Ultra-soft, absorbent and tear resistent - these towels are ideal for the easy creation of the hair turban.

The end of messes, cleanups and washing means more time to deal with customers.

Ideal for hairdressers who offer domestic or personal services. These towels eliminate the trouble of having to carry a pile of bulky towels. When dry, they weigh next to nothing.
While disposable towels are ultra thin, they have the same capacity for absorption as traditional fabric towels.

Packaging: 100 towels

Size: 40 x 78 cm (18 x 31 in)

Colour: White.

For bulk quantities or information on other sizes, please contact us at info@caractere-paris.com