Disposable Flat Mattress Pad Protector (Non-Waterproof), 20 pieces

Disposable Flat Mattress Pad Protector (Non-Waterproof), 20 pieces
Disposable Flat Mattress Pad Protector (Non-Waterproof), 20 pieces

In four sizes, 70 cm (28 in), 80 cm (32 in), 90 cm (36 in) and 140 cm (55 in)

  • Non-woven material
  • Soft and resitant to wear
  • Attaches to the mattress with elastic bands
  • 100% recyclable
  • Different sizes to choose from, 70 to 140 cm (28 to 55 in)
  • White
  • Does not smell like plastic or chemicals
  • Tear resistent
  • Individually wrapped for simple management
  • The price is all-inclusive (please contact us if you are interested in a bulk order).

Our most economic mattress protection solution, already widely used by camp sites, mobile homes, farmhouses, guest cottages, inns, etc.

This mattress protector (non-waterproof) fits on the top of the bed and makes an older mattress seem clean and fresh again.

Once used, you can discard the pads in the recycling bin.

Cleanliness guaranteed, they arrive to your door individually wrapped. Ideal for the elderly and children with slight bedwetting or incontenance problelms. Please note these pads are not waterproof, meaning they will not protect against heavy leaks. We also offer a waterproof version of these mattress pads and a fitted sheet variation for impeccable protection.

Anti-allergenic, soft and durable, the covers have a product lifetime of 2 to 3 weeks (and perhaps more if the person is not coming in direct contact with the cover).

Number of sheets: 20, non waterproof flat mattress pads, wrapped in individual packages

Colour: White.

Sizes: For mobile home and reduced mattresses, 70 cm (28 in), 80 cm (32 in), single 90 cm (36 in) and double beds 140 cm (55 in)