White Disposable Hygienic Sanitary Headphone Covers, Box of 100 pairs

White Disposable Hygenic Sanitary Headphone Covers, Box of 100 pairs

White earphone and headphones covers for total protection when sharing audio equipment, in six sizes. Email or call us to find out which size will fit your headsets.

For impeccable cleanliness, it is necessary to use disposable headsets covers.

These covers, shaped like mini-hats or caps, fit around the side of earphones thanks to an elastic band that holds them tight and keeps them comfortable, even during long listening sessions.

A wide range of sizes means earpieces between 4 and 10 cm (2 in and 5 in) in diameter will easily be covered. If you use listening devices of a different sizes, please contact us for more information and a free quote according to your quantities desired, at info@caractere-paris.com

The nonwoven material guarantee impeccable cleanliness while allowing breatheability and for the sound to pass through without a problem or distortion.

Hygiene is also guaranteed by the individually sealed packages in which the covers arrive. A pair of covers come in each package, thus each order is 100 pairs in an easy to dispense box.


Maximum Height

Maximum Width 

Maximum Depth


6 cm (2.5 in)

5 cm (2 in)

1,5 cm (0.5 in)


6 cm (2.5 in)

5 cm (2 in)

2 cm (1 in)


7 cm (3 in)

7 cm (3 in)

2 cm (1 in)


8 cm (3.5 in)

8 cm (3.5 in)

2.5 cm (1 in)


10 cm (4 in)

9 cm (3.5 in)

3 cm (1.5 in)


13 cm (5 in)

11 cm (4 in)

4 cm (2 in)

These covers are especially recommended for the earphones of:

  • Media centres
  • Audio libraries
  • Training centres
  • Portable audio guides
  • Trials and testing centres
  • Free listening terminal
  • Language schools or other academic centres
  • Court proceedings and evidence depositions
  • Noise reduction headphones, especially those used by the aviation and construction industries
  • Call centres, telemarketing, etc.

These covers also fit the headphones of conventional telephones and many wireless devices, such as jaffa ® ; CN ®, Plantronics ® and others.

To choose the correct size, consult the table above or the video below.

We also manufacture the same covers in other sizes, colors and features. Feel free to contact us for more information at info@caractere-paris.com.

Colour: White

Number per box: 100 pairs in individual packaging.


  • XS, 3-5 cm (1-2 in)
  • S, 5-7 cm (2-3 in)
  • M, 7-8 cm (3-4 in)
  • L, 8 to 10 cm (4-5 in)
  • XL, 10 to 11 cm (5-6 in)
  • XXL, 11 to 13 cm (6-7 in)