How to place an order?

There are three easy and fast ways to place an order:

- Via internet on our website, 24/7/365 :

- Via fax or telephone

- Via traditional mail with a print out of your order details and a method of payment addressed to:
3 rue Montgolfier
93116 Rosny sous Bois, France

We will confirm receipt of your order by email.


The online order process consists of four (4) easy steps.

Once you have chosen the products you desire, and confirmed the contents of your cart by clicking the "order" button,

1. Choose your shipping method. This step is important because we offer several different shipping options.

2. You must accept our terms and conditions of sale.

3. Choose one of our secure methods of payment. Security provided by the Globe Charge payment security method.

4. Pass through the payment step and your order will be instantly and automatically processed by our distribution centre.

Once your payment method is selected and finalised, this formalizes the sale of the product from Caractère to you. Of course, we accept returns and exchanges with certain conditions outlined in our terms of sale, also available from us via phone or email.

If you plan to order for a community, government agency or other public establishment (i.e. hospital, school, day care, etc.), it is still possible to order via the website. Select bank transfer as your method of payment and then fill out the details for a wire transfer from the account.

For official approval and administrative validation procedures of your order, please send us via mail or fax your order information, the official label and/or stamp of your locality and any other necessary materials. Dependant on the needs of your locality, we can provide various justifications and support.

Fax number: (33) 01 48 94 36 27

Address: Caractère
3 rue Montgolfier
93116 Rosny sous Bois, France.