Disposable Flat Cover Sheet for Baby Changing Tables, Trays and Beds - Set of 50 pieces

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A recyclable, protective flat sheet for baby changing tables and trays, such as those found in public restrooms, as well as baby cribs. Contains 50 individual sheets.

Our innovative protective sheet for infant beds and changing tables comes in handy when the child has incontenance issues, but also when he or she is sick to keep other sheets, the bed and/or table surface safe from vomit. This way, staying clean becomes easy and worry-free!

The flat sheet is double sided, with the outer layer made of an absorbent, soft fabric that feels comfortable to the child's touch. The inner layer is coated with a waterproof, plastic-like lamination to seal the bed or table from leaks of liquid or other messy problems.

The large size of the sheet's surface (62 cm x 80 cm, or 25 in x 32 in) covers the majority of tables and beds for full protection. The flat sheet avoids the need to change the child's sheets several times during the day, reducing the use of detergents, water and electricity for washing and drying cycles, while still maintaining impeccable hygiene. The sheets are recyclable, meaning a minimal environmental impact is always a possiblity with perfect cleanliness.