Disposable Floor White Mat and Surface Protector - Set of 50 pieces

An effective floor, table and other surface protection mat, which comes in a stylish white hue that goes with everything, while still providing safety, hygiene and sanitation.

Every caretaker knows that working with children; especially young children, can be amusing, but more often than not, it also becomes a messy job.

This mat is an ideal method to help protect all surfaces without having to worry about the possible damage incurred to carpets and other surfaces, much less the sometimes extensive and expensive cleaning process necessary once an accident happens.

Cut extra large, the cover will provide adequate space to change a diaper or to allow a child to play in serenity.

Four auto-attaching adhesive labels on the underside will hold the cover in place even during the most combative child's diaper change.

Size: 1.60 x 1.80 m (63 in by 71 in)

Colour: Dark Blue

Quantity: 50