Ultra Soft, Absorbent Disposable Towels - Set of 100 Towels

Ultra Soft, Absorbent Disposable Towels - Set of 100 Towels

Disposable towels to prevent contamination, used daily in day cares, kindergartens and schools. Also suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices and other medical uses. Sized 45 x 78 cm (18 in x 31 in).

To avoid the cross-contamination of germs from skin, mucous and fecal contact, disposable and absorbent towels are the only truly safe and secure solution. Already an essential item in the medical and paramedical fields, these towels are designed for everyday use. They are also ideal for weekends, holidays and other events, when a lack of staff or a service failure occurs.

How to use the disposable towel?

During a child's diaper change or other sanitary procedure, clean the child's bottom with a disposable washcloth. To dry the child, use a non wet area of the same cloth or a new cloth, and dab the wet area -- no rubbing required. Dabbing allows the towel to soak up water instantly, preventing any possible irritation caused by wiping. Towels washed in a conventional washing machine remain a bit rough even if the washer uses a fabric softener because of the traces of limestone and mineral deposits in tap water. Since no water is involved in the use of the disposable towel, their extreme softness will not irritate the child's skin. Once the diaper is changed or the mess is cleaned up, you may dispose of the towel in the container for used diapers or recycle it if it is not soiled.

Why use a disposable, absorbent towel?

These towels provide a 100% guarantee of health and safety. They are ideal to avoid the unpleasant odour of an unchanged diaper on a long field trip or vacation. In terms of cost, they save money in the end over conventional towels because they eliminate laundry and drying expenses. Best of all, the staff will have more time and energy to work with patients, and won't have to waste their resources functioning as janitors or maids.

Sized 45 x 78 cm (18 in x 31 in).

The towels come in packages of 100.