Disposable White Coloured Tunic Work Coat Uniform - 4 sizes - 10 pieces

Disposable White Coloured Tunic Work Coat Uniform - 4 sizes - 10 pieces
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Available in small, medium, large and extra large, this comfortable and classy disposable work tunic/lab coat was designed for staff to stay dry, clean and presentable no matter what tasks they perform.

In order to ensure your staff is always dressed in impeccable uniform, this disposable tunic -style work/lab coat is the best solution. It will prevent the appearance of spots or stains on staff clothing, with liquid penetration resistance.

The white aerated, breatheable, static-resistant, microfibre fabric ensures the wearer's comfort and prevents causing sweat during work. The midlength sleeves permit a maximum range of flexibility for various tasks.

The tunic is designed to be worn for one or more days depending on the hygiene requirements of the profession and the worker's preference, and then it can be discarded or recycled.

The stylish, high quality hemmed finish and raised collar will provide maximum protection for tasks involving spills, dirtiness, cleaning, caretaking, etc.

On the sides, there are also 3 large pockets for the storage of work or personal items. The tunic closes with five press-buttons for fast and easy application and removal, especially when hands are covered with messy substances.

Quantity: 10 multi-use disposable white tunics

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

If you are interested in large quantities of have a particular design you would like produced, please contact us at info@caractere-paris.com