Disposable Waterproof Work Aprons - White and Dark Blue - 50 pieces

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One size fits all, these comfortable aprons provide total protection for staff dealing with messy tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and various activities of the nursery or nursing home.

Made of a dual layer fabric, the disposable apron was designed to protect staff clothing and bodies entirely from stains and spills

The outer side is a super absorbent nonwoven fabric, while the inner side is coated with a laminated, waterproof plasticised layer.

One size fits all, the apron's attachment cords are cut generous enough to fit any body type.

In addition to the neck wrap cord, a second set of ties around the back ensure the apron stays in place throughout a day's worth of work.

The aprons come in two colours, Dark Blue and White.

This apron is not recommended for use in professions exposed to an open flame or intense heat because of the risk of melting the interior waterproof coating.

Quantity: 50 disposable waterproof protective aprons

Colours: Dark Blue or White