Disposable Anti-Slip Work Shoe Covers in Four Colours - 100 pieces

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Equipped with durable, built-in rubber sole grips, these shoe covers will protect workers' feet from spills and slippery surfaces. Available in yellow, blue, white and green, they fit all sizes of feet up to EU 47 (UK 13).

With a wide variety of colors (white, yellow, blue and green) and total slip protection, ensure the safety of your staff with a touch of creativity and whimsy!

Resistant to wear, the strong non-woven fibres of these shoe and boot covers will endure even the most strenuous tasks.

The underside features anti-slip rubber strip that grips tiles even when coated with soapy cleansers.

The top side of the shoe covers close firmly with an elastic band.

Quantity: 100 Disposable, non-woven anti-slip shoe and boot covers

Size: 45 x 21 cm (18 in x 8 in), fits shoes up to EU size 47 (UK size 13).

Colours: Yellow, Blue, White or Green

If you are interested in large quantities of have a particular design you would like produced, please contact us at info@caractere-paris.com