Disposable Fitted Sheets, Super Soft for Child's Beds - Non Waterproof - lot of 50 units

50 new sheets that come softer than ever to the touch, made of a durable material and always clean, for cribs and bunk beds of 60 x 120 cm (24 x 48 in) and 70 x 140 cm (28 x 55 in).

A new super soft material has made these sheets as comfortable as their conventional cotton equivalent, but with no need to wash them!

Once used, you can discard them by recycling. Always clean and fresh, they come individually wrapped and ready for use.

Ideal for rural cottages, emeregency shelters, unexpected visits from friends, travel, and children not yet potty trained

Anti-allergy, soft and durable, with a product lifetime of 2 to 3 weeks: More if a layer separates the sheet from the child, less if he or she sleeps directly on top of the cover.

The package includes 50 non-waterproof mattress covers, wrapped in individual packages.

Colour: White

Sizes: Cribs of 60 x 120 cm (24 x 48 in) and 70 x 140 cm (28 x 55 in). Fits mattresses up to 13 cm (6 in) thick.

Quantity: 50