Disinfectant Room Spray for Air Sanitation, 750ml

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A 750ml can of bactericidal aerosol air spray, created to purify the atmosphere and effectively fight against airborne germs and infections

A disinfectant sanitation spray with w hint of mint for a fresh, clean scent and feeling.


Provides prophylactic protection against the spread of common airborne germs.

This spray provides excellent sanitation of public spaces in a matter of minutes, especially designed for those with high traffic and many visitors. It maintains the bacteriological cleanliness of public places for a matter of hours, leaving behind a delicate, slight clean mint scent.

The spray also absorbs and neutralises odours. It is dry, meaning it spreads in the room without leaving behind a film or layer on the floor or other surfaces.

Recommended especially for use in hospitals, clinics, medical offices, maternity wards, day cares, waiting rooms, schools, etc. Can be used to treat carpets, closets, cabinets, telephone ear pieces, toilet bowls, door handles and other commonly used surfaces.


Since airborne contaminations occur frequently and remain a constant problem in public places, to avoid the creation of epidemics, caretakers frequently must apply  a means of sanitation.

Spray the can in a circular motion for 5 to 10 seconds, one to three times per day depending on the frequency of visitors.

For the disinfection of surfaces and objects, use 1 second of spray per square metre, by placing the aerosol can 20-30 cm (8 to 12 inches) away from the surface.

Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol.

In case of ingestion, the formula is known to poison control centres.

Active ingredient: Alkyl Dimethyl Ammonium Cholride

Assure une protection prophylactique

Traitement de l'atmosphere
Permet un excellent asainissement des locaux à forte fréquentation en quelques instants. Il maintient l'état de propreté bactériologique des lieux recevant du public.
Il absorbe et neutralise les mauvaises odeurs.
Pulvérisation sèche, sans retombées.

Mode d'emploi
La contamination de l'air étant un phénomène permanent, l'assainissement doit être renouvelé frequemment.
Pulvériser, d'un geste circulaire, pendant 5 à 10 secondes, une à trois fois par jour.

Pour le traitement des surfaces et des objets, pulvériser pendant 1 seconde par m² en plaçant l'aérosol à 20/30 cm de la surface à désinfecter.

Ne pas utiliser sur des surfaces sensibles à l'alcool.

Formule déposée aux centres anti poisons de Paris, Lyon et Marseille.