Dark Blue, Single-User Disposable Comforter Covers

Dark Blue, Single-User Disposable Comforter Covers

For emergency response or medical office use, single user linen products are the rule. Adhere to hygiene standards and keep your patients warm with these high quality, elegant and comfortable, dark blue bedding covers.

These single-user disposable comforter is made of a soft, yet lightweight material that feels great against the skin. The high quality fabric will ensure the patient stays warm at all times.

Practical and affordable, these covers can be used for several weeks by the same patient. After this time period, they can be disposed of according to the individual's hygiene standards.

Lightweight, at only 700 grams each per blanket, they are easy to transport and fast to deploy. Each cover will fully insulate a bed of 90 cm (36 in, single/twin size) or 140 cm (55 in, double).

Each blanket comes individually packaged. This means they are easy to distribute, transport and give away to patients or clients

In addition, the blankets come vacuum packed, giving them a minimum size footprint for minimal shipping costs and quick transport. For example, 20 covers will fit in a small cardboard box. They come in very handy when it comes to space limitations, for example in crowded operating rooms or an emergency response vehicle, such as a police car or ambulance.

The blankets also come treated with an anti-inflammatory fire retardant. At the same time, we do not recommend their use near abundant open flames or fire hasards.

For the best price on bulk orders or information about designing your own version of this product, please contact us at info@caractere-paris.com

Colour: Navy Blue

Size: 140 x 220 cm (55 x 87 in, with other sizes available on request)

Weight: 130 gr / m² (also available in 180 gsm)