Disposable Seat Protectors for Wheelchairs and Seats, Solution for Urine Incontinence - 50 pieces

Disposable Seat Protectors for Wheelchairs and Seats, Solution for Urine Incontinence - 50 pieces

Absorbent and waterproof protection for all occassions: it's possible with these seat cover protectors, perfectly adapted for wheelchairs and other uses.

No more muss and fuss cleaning up after yourself and others! These seat covers were originally designed to protect the surface of wheelchairs for people who suffer from the embarassment of minor urine and/or fecal incontinence issues. They also work wonderfully on sofas, couches, lounge and dining room chairs.

The absorption capacity of the cover is around 15 cl, which generally corresponds to small accidental releases of urine or feces, common among the elderly, the paralyzed and the very young.

The sheet was designed with an ultra-thin waterproof layer underneath to protect the chair seat, and an upper side that is soft and absorbent to optimize comfort for those seated.

With a laminated layer, the bottom side stops liquids and other materials from penetrating, with a 100% waterproof factor, made from recycled polypropylene.

The upper, absorbent side is made from 100% real plant fiber, lending it a very soft and pleasant look and feel.

The chair covers come folded into discreetly sized quarters (15 cm by 20 cm, or 6 in by 8 in) for easy transport and deployment.

Thanks to innovations in fabric technology, the chair cover sheet is very thin, which allows the user or caretaker to carry multiple covers in a bag or folded in a pocket. Their simplicity and discreet style allows the user to place them on a seat or wheelchair just as discreetly to protect the seat surface without calling attention to bladder issues.

Directions: We recommend placing the waterproof side of the cover facing the seat surface, with the absorbent surface positioned facing up to allow proper absorption. If soiled with urine or fecal matter, it would be best to place the used cover in the garbage. If not soiled or if your local authorities allow it, the cover can also be recycled.

Size: 60 cm by 80 cm (24 in by 32 in).

Quantity: 50

Colour: White