Tranquil Night Disposable Waterproof Pillowcase - Set of 50 pieces

A special edition waterproof pillowcase cover for the prevention of damage to pillows caused by urine and feces incontinence. This cover will protect pillows from leaks while allowing the user to sleep deeply in peace.

The Tranquil Night pillowcase is made from an entirely new and innovative material that permits it to remain waterproof and protect the comfort of the sleeper at the same time.

The successivey layered composition provides an effective barrier against oil and water-based liquids while combining unparalleled comfort.

Technological advancement in the fabric industry has allowed these covers to become a reality thanks to the eliminitation of the traditionally noisy plastic film of traditional products, which is now integrated into the cover, as with all Tranquil Night products, as a flexible, soft, laminated-like layer.

Given their low per unit price, these pillowcases are very economical, which allows one to change them on a regular basis. By eliminating the need to wash and dry other layers of traditional cloth, plus the need to pay for expensive detergents, spot removers and bleaching services; savings can be made not just in terms of time, but also in terms of money.

If the sleeper's head comes into direct contact with the cover, its usage lifetime is equal to that of a traditional washable pillowcase. However, if it functions as a second, inner layer for added protection. The covers must be changed when they are dirty, and are not washable.

Starting with a new and fresh cover guarantees perfect hygiene and cleanliness every time.

Sizes: Square (60 x 60 cm - 24 x 24 in) and Rectangular (50 x 75 cm - 20 x 30 in)

Quantity: 50

Colour: White.