Disposable Fitted Bed Sheets, Non Waterproof - 20 pieces

Bed Covers for cribs, sofa and normal beds, available in sizes 90 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm and 60 cm (36 in, 47 in, 55 in and 63 in)

A new material, extra soft and durable: Children can sleep on top of it without encountering problems of tears or discomfort. The sheets are comprised of nonwoven fabric.

These adult sized bed sheets are useful in cases of heavy incontinence when the bottom sheet needs to be changed several times per day.

These covers are not waterproof. Our waterproof mattress pads are ideal when waterproof qualities are required.

Once used, the disposable sheets may be placed in the recycling bin with plastic materials.

Always new and clean, these covers are shipped individually wrapped.

Anti-allergy, the covers are perfect for those with sensativity to dust or certain fabric materials.

Made of a very resistant material, they can last a year or more dependent on their cleanliness.

The package includes 20 non-waterproof sheets, individually wrapped, clean and ready for use.

Colour: White.

Sizes: 90 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm and 160 cm (36 in, 47 in, 55 in and 63 in).

Quantity: 20