Disposable totally waterproof mattress protector - Nuideal- Fitted - 10 pieces

Disposable totally waterproof mattress protector - Nuideal- Fitted - 10 pieces

Waterproof mattress protector - Fitted - single bed (90 cm) to Californian King bed (210 cm).

The NUIDEAL  mattress protector eliminates the noisy plastic bottom coating and replaces it with a micro-elastic impermeable multi-layered fabric
Resulting in both protection of the mattress and decrease in noise.
The result is protection of the mattress as well as better silent noise sleeping for your patients.
Everyone will be happier with this new product from Caractère.
all the special details that Caractère provides  is still there such as contour fitting.
This new product  NUIDEAL mattress protector lasts up to 6 weeks and eliminates the cost of washing and air drying the older products: AN IMMEDIATE COST SAVER TO YOU
Caractere well known throughout western Europe introduces this new product in 11 formats (choose the adequate ones in the right box).

New material soft and very resistant.
Last for weeks.

Ever Clean they are packed in individual packaging.

Perfect for persons that need to stay long term in bed.... This mattress protector is waterproof.

The film is melded to the fabric to protect against spillage and create a waterproof protection.

For your own preference, we also have a non-waterproof sheets in these same dimensions.

These protectors fit the mattress.

Fitted sheets are neater than flat sheets and stop all those "puckers" when you move around during the night.

Non-non-allergic material: Effective at preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your mattress.

Colour: White 
Quantity : 10 pieces individual packing :