Plastic Bagging, Sealing and Wrapping Machine for Brushes and Combs - ENS - 01

Plastic Bagging, Sealing and Wrapping Machine for Brushes and Combs - ENS - 01

For impeccable sanitation and that extra attention to detail every time in the hair and beauty salon, make up artist's studio, barber shop, etc.

Between the disinfection and use of your salon tools, such as brushes and combs, show off your respect for the customer's hygiene visibly by providing individually wrapped or bagged brushes and other instruments. This machine will provide ample proof to your customers that you consistently use disinfected tools, preventing exposure to any risk of infection, lice or other hygiene problems.

Sealing items with our electric bagging machines is fast, easy and economical. Over 70 brushes can be wrapped in a matter of 5 minutes, at less than 0.015 Pounds per object. All of this comes thanks to a built-in, unique double function system that instantly closes the wrapper and cuts to separate the brush's bag at the same time.

The ENS-01 version of the machine is intended for bagging brushes, combs and other relatively small tools. The larger ENS-03 version of the machine can also be used to bag larger items, such as bathrobes, towels and massage apparel.

Bag width: 160 mm (6.3 in) for brushes and combs.

Should any issues arise or should you run out of bags, our technical service department provides maintenance and refill bags for this product, manufactured with care by us. For large quantity orders or if you would like more information, please contact us directly by phone at 0207 193 0887, or by email at