Anti-Slip Shoe Covers, available in four different colours - Set of 100 pieces

Anti-Slip Shoe Covers, available in four different colors - Set of 100 pieces

Originally designed for use in salt caves, these shoe covers will provide a foothold in even the most damp and slippery environments. Choose from white, yellow, orange, green and blue.

These resistant non-woven shoe and boot covers feature a non-slip rubber layer and a top side with an elastic closure.

First used in salt caves to protect employees' shoes from salt burns and from falling or slipping due to the dampness, the shoe covers will be able to withstand nearly any and every liquid slip hasard.

Measuring 45 x 21 cm (18 x 8.5 in)

Fits shoes sizes up to 47.

Colours: White, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue.

Quantity: 100 (50 pairs)

For large quantity orders or to customise the shoe covers, please contact us directly by phone at 0207 193 0887, or by email at Price includes all applicable taxes, including VAT.