Spare Brief-Style Swimsuit for Boys - Pack of 6 units

Spare Brief-Style Swimsuit for Boys - Pack of 6 units

New for 2011: Spare brief-style swimsuits for boys, in packs of six sets. Handsome and affordable: the spare brief bathing suit for boys. Better quality than a disposable swimsuit and it can be reused.

Spas and resorts with pools often receive the same inquiry from their clients: "I forgot my swimsuit, do you have any spares"? The receptionist usually must reply negatively and send the guest on his or her way to a touristy souvenir shop. Now you can anticipate and prepare for this need by providing or selling spare bathing suits in-house, which will satisfy your customers' desire for convenience and speed, and can even subsidize your profits.

Our new, black brief-style boy's swim trunks are perfect for these occassions. They're made from fine quality bathing suit material, a polyester and spandex (elastane) blend that will not fade in chlorenated pools. They come with a mesh lining, an elastic waist and a string tie on the sides, which guarantees a secure and comfortable fit.

At about £6 per unit, you can sell these suits for double or triple that and make some money on the side. New Children's sizes now available for both the brief-style swimwear and the bikini!

Composition: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex.

Sizes: For boys aged 4 to 16 years.

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