Dark Blue Men's Beach Sandals - Lot of 6 pairs

Dark Blue Men's Beach Sandals - Lot of 6 pairs

Also called thongs and flip-flops, these attractive men's sandals are both affordable and fashionable. Lots of 6 pairs of sandals are available in five sizes.

Multi-functional sandals that look and feel great, from the beach to the pool, to the lockerroom, to the salon, to the lobby, etc...

Perfect for spas and resorts that want to offer their customers a simple and practical solution, especially when they forget their sandals at home.

The sandal is very light, yet strong. Made from an innovative, comfortable PVC-based material, the sole is hard on the underside and flexible on the upperside so that it feels good to wear these sandals barefoot.

The sole is rigid, and comes with spikes to resist slipping on wet floors, such as pool decks or damp sauna and steam rooms.

The top of the sandal is made of a lightweight, honeycomb-pattern plastic that allows the foot to breathe in comfort.

We offer 5 sizes of this sandal, from EU 41 to 45 (UK 7 to 11).

Quantity: 6

Colour: Dark Blue.

41 (UK 7)
42 (UK 8)
43 (UK 9)
44 (UK 10)
45 (UK 11)