White Micro Fibre Bath and Beach Towels - 2 Sizes - lot of 6 units

White Micro Fibre Bath and Beach Towels - 2 Sizes - lot of 6 units

Luxurious, high quality micro-fibre towels. Super-absorbent and cost-saving, these towels come in 3 sizes: 50 x 90 cm - 70 x 140 cm - 100 x 200 cm .

The next generation of microfibre bath and beach towels is more absorbent and lighter than the conventional cotton towel.

Innovative micro fiber technology permits the towel to soak up water extremely quickly, all the while remaining softer and smoother than cotton.

The microfibre's main asset is the fact that with a lower weight towel, one can use it for longer and for a wider variety of tasks because of its better absorption. It will save time and space over its outdated cotton counterpart.

With the microfibre towels, you can save 40% more time and space during both washing and drying. Over weeks and months, these towels end up paying for themselves.

Less weight and drying time also means more efficient use of the washing machine and dryer, a great promotional tool for guests who care about the environment.

In addition, the micro fibre towel stays soft without the need to add fabric softener -- another cost-cutting measure that will pay for itself in the long run.

Colour: White

Quantity: Lot of 6 units.

Sizes: 50 x 90 cm - 70 x 140 cm 100 x 200 cm