Disposable Women's XL Black G-String Undergarments, Cover-up for Women at Tanning Salons, Beauticians, Urologists, etc. - 100 units

Order 5 packs and receive an 5% discount!

Disposable women's thong underwear for professionals, doctors, massages, beauticians or tanning beds, in lots of 100 individually wrapped units. New colour and size: now available in XL black!

Single-user, black extra large disposable undergarments, ideal for hair removal centers, massages, chiropractors and physical therapists. Urologists and gynecologists also find these underwear essential in their practices. Equally important to beauticians and salons as for medical professionals to protect patient privacy. Also ideal for Ayurvedic massage (abyangha).

Once used, the client can throw them away, recycle them or choose to reuse them. No more cleaning stains, sharing communal/public underwear or other related problems. They come in an extra soft and durable fabric, individually wrapped and hypoallergetic, so they are always clean and ready for use.

Quantity: Lots of 100 units, individually wrapped.

Colour: Black

Material: Nonwoven