Disposable Medium Sized Hair Stylist Turban Towels - Pack of 100 units

disposable hair stylist towels
Disposable Medium Sized Hair Stylist Turban Towels - Pack of 100 units

A stack of disposable hair care towels in a pack of 100 units, measuring 45 x 78 cm (18 x 31 in)

First prize winner at the 2000 Paris Beauty Salon Exposition World Championship, in the category Hair Care Products for Salons.

Extra absorbant, disposable medium-sized bath towels, already used by many prestigeous hair salons.

Ultra-soft, absorbent and resilient enough to resist tearing: the ideal towel for wrapping around the head in a turban style. For treatments that must remain in for a long time, clients can take the turban with them and then wash out the product once they get home. Also ideal for during lunch at the spa or on the beach between various treatments.

The end of time and money spent on washing and cleanups means more time to care for customers and higher quality treatments.

This product is also ideal for hairdressers who travel to clients' homes for personal services. It eliminates the trouble of having to carry several wet and bulky towels between stops. When dry, disposable towels are ultra thin and light in terms of weight, but have the same absorbtion capacity and comfort level as traditional towels.

Quantity: 100

Size: 45 x 78 cm (18 x 31 in, perfect for hair turban wraps)

Colour: White.

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