Disposable Luxury Kimono-Style Bath Robe, in V-Neck and Scoop-Neck Designs - Pack of 50 units

Disposable Luxury Kimono-Style Bath Robe, in V-Neck and Scoop-Neck Designs - Pack of 50 units

For more discerning clients, the luxury kimono provides a premium feel and distinctive style. Available in rounded "scoop"-neck (ideal for hair care, cuts, styling, colouring or tinting, and other procedures) and V-neck (ideal for beauticians, spas and aestheticians) styles.

An elegant look and feel, this kimono style robe is ideal for haircare, salons, spas, beauticians, massage parlours, etc. The thick, opaque fabric is discreet enough or the client to be naked underneath and feel comfortable in public.

The chemical product scent stuck on their clothes, cut up pieces of hair under their shirt, a wet neck... side effects of haircare procedures that customers cannot stand. Luckily, these things are all preventable.

We invented this disposable, kimono-style gown to avoid the interruption of less pleasurable possibilities during salon, spa or massage experiences. A double-sided adhesive in the middle of the robe guarantees its closure, maintaining the cleanliness of the client during treatments

Individually packaged, these gowns are always guaranteed to be neat, clean and fresh from the first moment of use. Two design options maximize the potential for customization: the rounded neck is closed with a seal to prevent small hair fragments from falling into the gown. The V-neck is recommended for beauticians, stylists, massages, make up artists and for clients lounging around the pool or hotel lobby.

Cut extra wide and long, it covers the knees fully with ample room to spare and fits virtually any body type. Customers leave impeccably styled and satisfied with this fancy, disposable kimono gown, specially designed for salons and beauty parlours, at an excellent price!

We manufacture similar products for customers on a budget and a male version for barber shops.

Colour: White

Designs: Rounded "scoop" neck and V-neck.

Quantity: 50

For large quantity orders, we offer this product in a biodegradable version. If you would like more information, please contact us directly by phone at 0207 193 0887, or by email at info@coifhygiene.com. Price includes all applicable taxes, including VAT.