Disposable Massage, Spa and Tanning Shorts - Pack of 10 units

Disposable Massage, Spa and Tanning Shorts - Pack of 10 units
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Massage and spa shorts made of premium Absorbtex ® material, extra soft and absorbent, ideal for messy massage oils and tanning products that would otherwise stain clothing

Our Absorbtex ® Massage and Spa Shorts are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. The shorts are recyclable and have an unrivaled capacity for liquid absorption. They are ideal for all treatments that involve water, oils, creams, lotions and mud. The high quality fabric means the shorts will not rip or tear under stress.

The massage shorts come in several sizes, including Small, Medium and Large. Please note that they are generously cut, so the smaller sizes fit a wide range of body types and shapes. The stretchy elastic waist ensures a comfortable fit for everyone.

Perfect to provide for guests who value privacy and discretion when undressing or changing into the matching Massage and Spa Jacket. The shorts come individually wrapped with a protective seal that serves as proof to the client that they've never been worn.

The premium fabric's quality will last the duration of a day of treatments and they can be offered as a gift for the client to take home. The shorts will last several weeks but they are not washable.

Material: Absorbtex® Honeycomb pattern.

Colour: White

Quantity: 10

For large quantity orders, we offer this product in a biodegradable version. If you would like more information, please contact us directly by phone at 0207 193 0887, or by email at info@coifhygiene.com. Price includes all applicable taxes, including VAT.